While Kyle’s obsession with fishing started at a young age, his journey on the sea didn't start until after high school. Not long after moving to the Central Coast, he was fortunate enough to land his childhood dream Job, Deckhand. After several years, by working hard and paying close attention to his mentors, opportunity provided Kyle with some of the most prestigious deckhand jobs on the west coast. Sportfishing in San Diego/ Baja, CA by summer and Bering Sea Crab by winter. After much trial, some by fire, he earned a job onboard F/V Time Bandit, featured on the  popular reality television series, Deadliest Catch.

     When his family started to grow in 2016, Kyle decided to start a new operation with a boat of his own. Kyle works hard to provide the best possible experience on your trip. When he isn’t on the boat, he is spending time with his family, trying to figure out computers, or enjoying a round of golf. 



     Dustin’s career in sportfishing began as a thirteen year old boy, while he was on a trip with his family.  He quickly caught the attention of crewmembers who are always looking for the next generation to train. Soon after he was on the boat frequently, learning the tricks of the trade while saving for the tools. Dustin’s hard work earned him the respect of the crew and a full time spot on a boat.

     A year after graduating high school Dustin traded in his deck boots for jungle boots and enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. His next four years were spent climbing ranks and setting records, but that’s his story to tell. Since then he’s started a family, made a name of his own, and we are so glad he’s safely home. When he isn't on the boat, he’s usually fishing or trying to golf. Practice makes perfect! 




     Born and raised, Hannah has been part of the Port San Luis community longer than most. Her passion for the sea is immediately obvious. In the few years since earning her bachelor’s degree she’s been learning from the best, and wasting no time proving herself in the toughest commercial fisheries during her off time.  She sets the bar high on the deck as well as the tee box. Hannah is as local as they come and loves to catch big fish, also, pretty good golfer.



                                                                                                                 CREWMEMBER CHASE SHRODE

    This cowboy is as tough as they come and a true adrenaline junky. Chase spent much of his youth competing professionally in both Bull Riding and Bareback Bronc rodeo events. When he isn’t grabbing life by the horns, he’s on or in the ocean surfing, shopping the tide pools or fighting off sharks – true stories.  Chase’s hard work and positive attitude keep us all in check physically and mentally. This guy tees it high!